Left Bank Books

41 Perry Street
New York, NY 10014


Open 12-6
(Closed Mondays)






If you are interested in selling us your books, please email


What we want:

literature, fine art, photo, film, music, fashion, queer culture, architecture, design, theater, dance, children’s books. Also, books by or about women and BIPOC writers, artists, and performers


We’re very picky, though. Some criteria:

• First or interesting editions

• Original dust jackets

• In really good condition


What to include in your email:

• photos (For large collections, photos of spines on shelves or in groups will suffice) 

• title

• author

• publisher

• year of publication


If we’re interested, we’ll ask you to bring them in. For large collections in NYC, we may arrange a house-call. We can’t quote prices in advance, but if we like what we see we will make you an offer quickly.