Item #6336 Linda/Les & Annie. Annie Sprinkle, Al Jaccomo, Johnny Armstrong, Les Nichols, directors, star.
Linda/Les & Annie
Linda/Les & Annie

Linda/Les & Annie. The First Female-to-Male Transsexual Love Story

Long Island City, NY: Linda/Les & Annie, 1989. VHS video cassette initialed in metallic gold marker, original plastic clamshell box with printed illustrated insert signed in red marker.

Signed VHS video cassette of American sexologist, former sex worker, and performance artist Annie Sprinkle’s pseudoscientific docudrama. Shot and produced in 1989, the 31-minute film (which is based on Sprinkle's shock confessional essay "I Love a Woman with a Cock: Busting a Sex-Change Cherry," published in Hustler magazine) follows Sprinkle’s relationship with Les Nichols, a trans man undergoing hormonal treatments and in the process of receiving a phalloplasty. Providing an intimate view into their sex life (including the first time they "try out" the neophallus) and Nichols’s personal history, the film was met with controversy by the trans masc community, who believed Les wasn't representative of the F2M community and accused Sprinkle of exploitation. Sprinkle provides the following disclaimer on her own website: "Linda/Les & Annie was made in 1989 when the language and cultural understanding about trans folk that is now commonplace did not exist or was not widely known. As such, the film incorporates terms and images that are culturally appropriative and/or outdated.... If I were to make this film today, I would do it very differently. I hope no one will be offended..." ( The experimental film was one of several Sprinkle produced specifically for home video distribution in the late 80s and early 90s after transitioning from commercial porn to more artistic pursuits. Initialed by Sprinkle on the cassette tape in metallic gold marker and numbered #83, and signed by Sprinkle on the printed paper title insert. Price stickers to upper panel of box, light edgewear to paper insert. Very good. Item #6336