[Collection of Sax Rohmer Pulp Paperbacks]. Sax Rohmer, pseud. of Arthur Henry Ward.

[Collection of Sax Rohmer Pulp Paperbacks]

New York: [various publishers], 1950-1976. Mixed Editions. 19 vols., 12mo, publisher's illustrated stiff paper wraps, edges stained various colors.

Sax Rohmer was the pen-name of prolific late-Victorian British novelist and occultist Arthur Henry Ward, creator of the supervillain Fu-Manchu, who through a series of targeted assassinations by exotic means (snakes, spiders, chemical agents), and with the help of his London-based Si-Fan tong surrogates, seeks to restore China's ancient glory and win world domination for himself in the process. The Fu-Manchu books were written over the course of several decades, from the opening years of the 20th-century through the late 1950s, when Ward died (though the series was continued by his secretary), and spawned franchises in radio, film, television and comics, inescapably entering the bloodstream of British and American popular culture. The by-product of Ward's own love for the Victorian Gothic literature of the generation that preceded him and the nascent racist terror of the Yellow Peril (the notion that hordes from Asia were on a path to overwhelm white civilization as propagated by Lothrop Stoddard's sensational 1920 bestseller The Rising Tide of Color: The Threat Against White World-Supremacy), the nefarious Chinese doctor practiced his evil deeds over 14 books, later morphing into the character Sumuru, his female incarnation, who starred in her own series. Ward also wrote more conventional detective novels, as well as tales of horror and the supernatural, influenced by the likes of Poe and M.R. James, as well as several non-fiction works on the occult orders he was rumored to have been affiliated with, including the Rosicrucians and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. The present collection consists of 19 mass-market paperbacks (some reprints, some first editions) from the early 1950s to the 70s, and features seven Fu-Manchu titles, four Sumuru titles, seven other novels and story collections (including the non-Fu-Manchu Tales of Chinatown), and one non-fiction work on sorcery and witchcraft. A complete listing, in chronological order of original publication, is as follows:

The Romance of Sorcery, Paperback Library, 1970 (orig. 1914)
The Quest of the Sacred Slipper, Pyramid Books, 1966 (1914)
The Return of Dr. Fu-Manchu, Pyramid Books, 1961 (1916)
Brood of the Witch-Queen, Pyramid Books, 1966 (1918)
The Golden Scorpion, Pyramid Books, 1966 (1919)
The Green Eyes of Bast, Pyramid Books, 1971, (1920)
Tales of Chinatown, Popular Library, 1950 (1922)
The Trail of Fu Manchu, Pyramid Books, 1964 (1934)
The Island of Fu Manchu, Pyramid Books, 1971 (1941)
Shadow of Fu Manchu, Pyramid Books, 1963 (1948)
Nude In Mink, Fawcett Publications, 1950
Sumuru, Fawcett Publications, 1951
The Fire Goddess, Fawcett Publications, 1952
Return of Sumuru, Fawcett Publications, 1954
Sister Madonna, Fawcett Publications, 1956
Re-Enter Fu Manchu, Fawcett Publications, 1957
Emperor Fu Manchu, Pyramid Books, 1966 (1959)
The Secret of Holm Peel, Ace Publishing Corporation, 1970
The Wrath of Fu Manchu, DAW Books, Inc., 1976 (1973)

Condition varies, with most titles very good or better, though two volumes are good only, with heavier chipping and creasing.
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